Adega de Favaios

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Adega de Favaios – Favaios in the Douro DOC region in 1952. the winery that started operations. The region is dominated by the Moscatel Galego Branco grape variety, which is the main grape variety used for wine production. The fortified moscatel wine produced by the winery is well known throughout Portugal. 2018 Moscatel Colheita was awarded a silver medal at the 1999 International Exhibition in Belgium. No less attention is paid to the sparkling wines of Reserva and Grande reserva from moscatel grapes, which you can also find in our Portuguese wine shop.

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Adega De Favaios​


It has a very intense aroma that still retains some notes of citrus. Rich in aromas typical of ageing, such as walnut, dried figs, toast, and chocolate. It is full-bodied yet delicate, with a sweetness nicely balanced by acidity and it tastes fresh and elegant.

Adega De Favaios​


Despite the long years of ageing, this Muscat wine still presents some of the most characteristic aromas of the vine variety, such as orange and mandarin. It is also marked by the scents of honey, raisins, dry figs and caramel, which grant it great complexity. As far as taste is concerned, the wine evidences the typical sweetness of the Favaios Muscat wine, very well balanced with the acidity typical of the plateau.

Adega De Favaios​


Filled with wood and fragrant spices, this fortified Moscatel has retained its fruitiness while showing the woody and toasty taste of older Douro wines. The wine perfectly combines perfumed fruits and acidity that will allow you to enjoy every sip.

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