Sparkling Rosé wine characterized by notes of pomegranate, cherry and blackberry notes with dried herbs, thyme. It’s like nothing you have tasted before.



Harvest year: 2013
Wine type: Rosé sparkling –  Vinho Verde DOC – Sub-Region of Lima
Grape varieties: Vinhão

Volume: 0,75 L

Pairs with: oysters, shellfish, mild white fish, cream and spicy dishes, sushi

“A place of power”. Such were the words used by a smiling German visitor, who allowed himself to lag behind his group on the way to the bus, in order to enjoy some moments of quiet intimacy with the Quinta.

Casal do Paço, in Vasco Croft’s since the 17th century, has the soul of an old Quinta, and was the starting point of Aphros project. It spreads over nearly 20 hectares of land and forests, six of which are vineyards and four of chestnuts orchards. At its centre stands a granite 16th century 2-storey manor house complete with chapel.

In October of 2006, the first biodynamic process was implemented marking the beginnings of something that would transform both the farm and its wines.

Casal do Paço is now recognized as a model ecological winery committed to the preservation of its ecosystems that not only include the vines but entire forests of acacias, oaks, eucalyptus and century-old trees, the home of wild boars, foxes and eagles.