Millesime Bruto – Pinot/Cardonnay 2008 0,75L

Champagne and lemon. Very sharp fresh lemonade.Pressed in pneumatic press, fermentation in stainless steel vat and ageing in bottle with annual batonnage. Aged for 11 years.



Wine type: bruto sparkling
Grape varieties: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Volume: 0,75 L

Alcohol: 13,2%

Espumosos Murganheira

Murganheira, founded more than 60 years ago, combined the virtues of mother nature with a secular wisdom and has established itself in the market with wines and sparkling wines of proven quality nationally and internationally.

Inimitable flavors and aromas that nature has offered and that men have been able to refine over time. Ideal to mark a special celebration. Excellent to accompany any meal. Perfect to complete an unforgettable moment. The fertile lands of the Varosa valley are the birthplace of Murganheira wines and sparkling wines, always associated with the highest quality standards.

Here, where the Douro and Beira meet, there are excellent climatic and geological conditions, conducive to the genesis of the most intense flavors and aromas. The result is superior quality wines, the basis of the best Portuguese sparkling wines.