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The Embassy of Portuguese Wine, is a wine shop and educational center of Portuguese wines. Here you will find port, Madeira, Douro Valley and many other wines.

Portuguese table wines are catching up with the evolution of modern wine around the world. The new generation of small-scale winemakers is not only well educated, modernizing vineyard ecosystems, but also nurturing well-established family winemaking traditions.

The wines offered by the Portuguese Wine Embassy are authentic, long-established products of family businesses, small producers, well-known and sought after by wine enthusiasts worldwide and even by top-notch restaurants.

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Exclusive wines from the Douro Valley

Over 400 years of winemaking

For many years, the Douro Valley has been dubbed a port-style wine home. However, this region of Portugal has for some time been well known throughout the world, not only for its fortified wines. New, non-port wines are gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts and are uniquely labeled with Douro DOC. It is these wines that you will find on our wines pages. You are welcome to get acquainted.

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Portuguese wine traditions
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