Bual 1957


Blandy's Bual 1957

It’s more than 72 years old Blandy’s liqueur wine. This collectible Madeira wine was aged in 60-year-old American oak barrels and, like all family wines, it began its aging process in a warm loft in downtown Funchal.

Walnut brown in color, with aroma of polished walnuts and Seville orange marmalade, toffee and dark notes of Agen plum and spices and tobacco. With just over 100 g / l of residual sugar, it is sweet, with classic Madeira viscosity and vitality. The wine is miraculously spicy and spicy, and its exceptional acidity combines well with rich spices and dark, dark fruit flavors retained in tea.

Volume: 0,75 L


Blandys 1957 Bual

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