Harvest Malmsey 2012


Blandy's Harvest Malmsey 2012

Blandy’s Harvest Malmsey was aged in seasoned American oak casks in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system. The ageing was done in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system, whereby the wine is gradually transferred from the higher lodges’ attics, where the natural warmth of the sun contributes to the concentration of the wines, and temperatures are higher, to the middle floors, where temperatures are milder, and eventually, to the ground floor where temperatures are cooler. During this ageing, the wine underwent regular racking, and before finally being bottled, all wines are fined. All through the ageing process, the primary fruit flavours of the wine are gently transformed into tertiary dried fruit notes that produce Madeira unique hallmark bouquet.

Amber medium dark colour, with a golden green reflection (nuance) and a slow teardrop. With a characteristic Madeira bouquet of dry and candid fruits, fine tea with old brandy notes and vanilla. It is sweet, full rich, smooth, bodied. It has a long and fresh aftertaste with some notes of honey and wood (oak-toasted).

Harvest year: 2012

Grapes: Malmsey

Style: rich

Alcohol: 19%


madeiros vynas 2012

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