Terrantez 1976


Blandy's Terrantez 1976

Blandy’s Terrantez 1976 was aged for 21 years in seasoned American oak casks. A relatively young wine considering that the majority of the family’s vintages have more than 30 years in cask, though the decision was made to bottle this wine shortly after the 20 year minimum legal period as it was felt that the wine had achieved the perfect balance of acidity and concentration.

The 1976 Terrantez is deep auburn in color. It has a floral bouquet with scents of sea foam, rosewater and burnt sugar that is a little timid at present. The palate is very well-balanced with a viscous texture on the entry. It is extremely harmonious and focused with orange peel, marmalade and allspice. The finish is almost understated in style, belying the long tail of white pepper and dried honey that lingers seductively.

Volume: 0,75 L


madeiros vynas 1976

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