Verdelho 1979


Blandy's Verdelho 1979

Blandy’s Verdelho 1979 was aged for 36 years in seasoned American oak casks and as with all the family’s vintages, this wine started its ageing process in the warm high attic floors of the lodge in the centre of Funchal. Over the 36 years, the wine passed down from the warmer top floor of the Blandy’s Wine Lodges, the “Sotão de Amendoa” where it spent the first 5 years, to the second floor for 25 years and finally to the cooler first for the remaining 6 years. The art of finding the right balance between concentration and the freshness of the wine lies in the winemaker’s decision when to transfer the wine to the lower cooler north facing floors of the lodge.

Features an aroma of toffee, with fresh and powerful flavors of dried apricot, mango and roasted pineapple. Smoky notes emerge midpalate, accented by hints of underbrush on the finish.

Volume: 0,75 L


Blandys 1979 Verdelho

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